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Medical Advice Disclaimer

We strongly say that the information (Text, audio, video, images, graphs, graphics, photographs, and any visuals) are intended for the purpose of information only. It is not envisioned to provide medical advice. Any information on or associated with this site should NOT be considered a substitute (treatment, diagnosis or recommendations, etc.) for medical advice from a healthcare professional.

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User Information

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We gave proper credits to the respective owner if we use any image or visuals or graphics of him/her. All images that have the Health and Fitness Tube tag on them were created, designed or photographed by us for the purpose of the website. Images (under the licence of Free to share/ modify/ publish publicly/ free images from pixabay) that are collected from other websites are used as per the licence.

Copyright Infringement

If you are an owner for any of the content and you believe that your copyright is violated (without any proper citation) that is produced on our site, you may mail us with valid proof. And we will remove that content happily, after verification of the claim.

Disclaimer of warranties

We assume no responsibility for any damages (but not limited to the computer infected by viruses, problem while downloading any content, System crashing) that caused you when accessing our website. If you dissatisfied with our site, you can leave at any time.

Orders for products and services

We may avail certain third party products to you, which satisfy your needs. It is your responsibility to buy that product. We just recommend you to buy that product and not force you to buy it. You have to check its reliability, expiry, price, etc. before buying a product. We disclaim any complaint, injuries, legal problems or any side effects regarding the usage of that product.


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Last Updated on July 05, 2020